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I can only assume there are thousands like myself…. Light is as precious and necessary as life itself.

Every living thing, from the rhinoceros to the amoeba, from the sunflower to the infant —has a visceral and spontaneous response to light. Even more than bread and water, light is both one of those staples of physical existence that leads to a celebration of life as it is and an invitation to life as it might become. Thus light provides an imaginative contact between visible and invisible realities, a bridge between the physical and beyond.

This can be graphically demonstrated by the part light plays in photosynthesis, in which light energy combines with the starch in plant life to provide the impetus for an ascent from lower to high forms of life, the energy in plants becoming vitality of the body and the energy in brain cells that lends itself to ideas. Here, in the most literal sense, light becomes life, vitality, knowledge, and the capacity to ascend from lower to higher forms of knowledge.

The Book of Light

It is this metaphorical quality of light to bridge gaps between physical and mental realms that has made it a universal symbol for spiritual growth and self-transformation. Through light and allied imagery we can begin to glimpse the workings not only of visible but also of spiritual realities.

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For example, the property of light to spread is an image of education and the propagation of ideas, winning a type of immortality for its original source. In all cultures light represents the forces of the Good and the True, wisdom and enlightenment, spirituality, love and life itself. In many languages, such as Greek, German, and Yiddish, fairness and light have become synonymous for beauty.

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As a portrayal of supreme value, light has been taken as a description of God Himself. Both pictures are painted up to the edge of the canvas but were finished, probably in their frames, as octagons, though it seems that Turner may have thought at one time of finishing No.

Turner , revised ed. Jonathan Griffin. Katharina Fritsch.

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Paul Pfeiffer. Main menu additional Become a Member Shop. Twitter Facebook Email Pinterest Share this page. On loan. Artist Joseph Mallord William Turner — Medium Oil paint on canvas. Dimensions Support: x mm.

Collection Tate. Acquisition Accepted by the nation as part of the Turner Bequest Reference N Display caption Catalogue entry. Gallery label, November Does this text contain inaccurate information or language that you feel we should improve or change? Catalogue entry During his life his work The artist and the Emperor: J.

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